About Soraya Beachwear

When you think of Switzerland, beachwear is probably not what comes to mind. Soraya Beachwear, a Swiss brand with multi-cultural influences, is about to change that. After all, the country of origin isn’t what makes a brand: the people are. And Soraya Beachwear is nothing without its founder, Soraya.

A summer and beach loving bikini connoisseur, Soraya has traveled the world’s beaches and boutiques extensively, collecting swimwear along the way. However, she realized that although she found a few gems here and there, more often than not it was a choice between getting a high-quality bikini or a really cute one. This dilemma ended up being what first gave her the idea for Soraya Beachwear. Soraya’s firm belief is that every Soraya Beachwear Babe deserves to feel sexy and fabulous with a touch of flirty in whatever she wears – especially in her swimsuit. That feeling? Priceless.

The brand was established in 2019 following a few spoons of courage and years of searching for the perfect bikini. Taking her inspirations from Ibiza, a second home to Soraya, she strives to create high end, cheekily cut bikinis and sensuously elegant beachwear that are just as high quality as they are gorgeous. What a bikini feels like and how it is made has always been important to her, so sourcing the best materials and ethical manufacturing is essential to the brand’s production.

To Soraya, her brand isn’t only about the actual products though. She hopes to build a customer base that does not only share her vision, but encourages, empowers and supports other Soraya Beachwear Babes everywhere to possess the same confidence and strong values. Because what would summer be without some girl power?


Message from founder Soraya

“I have always had a passion for fashion, however when it came to bikinis, my passion became more of an obsession. I believe the right bikini has the ability to make its wearer feel fantastic. Looking at social media, I believe many girls feel the same way. I love how you can express your personality through your choice of beachwear. Personally, a bikini that stands out with a cheeky, elegant fit and quality fabric makes me feel wonderful. I have always believed that my own opinion of how I feel is the most important – although compliments from others never hurt! “ And with Soraya Beachwear, we promise you, you will be getting plenty of those. And, most importantly, beachwear that makes you feel empowered and ready to hit the beach – no matter the season.

Being a creative person at heart, I always had the dream of making my own bikinis. With a big push and support from my family, I decided to make my dream a reality and formed Soraya Beachwear. What a bikini feels like and how it is made has always been important to me, so sourcing the best materials and ethical manufacturing was a must. Coming from a multi-cultural family, I was able to draw inspiration from this and express it in the swimwear designs. Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing you rocking the beach in one of my bikinis!”